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How to handle a change of domain ?

We recommend to reinstall the Alienbrain server after the machine was added to the new domain. Although it would be possible to do the neccessary changes without a reinstall, a reinstall is much easier.

Note: Do NOT uninstall the previous Alienbrain server installation, but just run the installer again. Then it will keep everything (e.g. the active project list, etc.). Choose 'Custom' instead of 'Typical' for the 'Installation Type' and check, whether all the settings do still apply.

Most important: If a domain user account has been used for the 'Server Execution User', then you have to make sure, that you now use a domain account from the new domain. If you have created the Alienbrain users manually (Alienbrain Internal Authentication), they will not change. If they have been created automatically (Windows Domain Authentication), it depends on whether the domain user names in the new domain have changed. In this case you should verify the Alienbrain user roles of the users in the Administration client.

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