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How to process to re-install Windows on the server where Alienbrain runs ?

The projects are the top priority items to backup (the contents of the ab_Proj$ and an_Data$ shares).

Within the application itself it's possible that there is nothing that needs to be saved. However, you might check the following:

C:\Program Files\alienbrain\NxN 
C:\Program Files\alienbrain\PreviewServer\Icons
C:\Program Files\alienbrain\Server\Config
C:\Program Files\alienbrain\Client\Customizations
C:\Program Files\alienbrain\Client\Setup
C:\Program Files\alienbrain\Client\Application\Preview_Templates

Each of these *might* contain changes but it's likely that they don't. Back up the entire C:\Program Files\alienbrain\ folder. After reinstalling Windows and Alienbrain (remembering the patches and license key) you can retrieve any of the files as necessary.

The location of the license key in the registry will depend on your Alienbrain version, but it will be approximately in: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NxN\alienbrain_server\FeatureKeys\Permanent

If you're reinstalling on the same server then it should still work. Otherwise, please contact support@alienbrain.com for a new one.

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