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Critical internal error detected


An critical internal error was detected.

The problem exists only in the project where the error came from.


This should never occur in regular working mode. There are several internal causes for this error. The most probable are:

  • A critical disk access like writing or reading a journal file couldn't be done successfully.
  • There wasn't enough memory available to work properly.


The entire server or just a project should be automatically locked by the Alienbrain Server depending on the scope of the error occured. The server log should contain additional information about the circumstances under which the error occurred.


Look into the server log file at the last log entries written. In the most cases, additional information about the occurring Windows error code was logged out. Please take a look at [| Microsoft MSDN Library - System Error Codes (] to get a detailed description of what happened.

Please make sure that you don't have a virus scanner running, or at least that the database directory (_database) is not scanned. Make sure that your backup solution excludes the database directory as well.

Please contact the Alienbrain support team immediatly and send the server log files along with the error that occurred.

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