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Object Cache Flush


In regular working mode, the server tries to acquire as much memory as possible to cache metadata in memory. This warning describes a low memory condition of the Alienbrain Server.


There are several causes that can trigger this warning. The most probable are:

  • You have one or more other services running on the Alienbrain Server host using lots of memory.
  • The accumulated size of all projects in use is much higher than the available physical memory in the machine.


The result can be a server slowdown.


If possible, you should put more physical memory in the server machine. If you have more than 2GB of physical memory available, you can also enable the server to make use of it. Please e-mail the Alienbrain Support Team for further information about this topic.

If you are using more than one project on this machine, you can host the projects on several machines.

If you have other services running on that machine, stop them or move the services to other machines if possible.

Please monitor the system closely and contact NXN if necessary.

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