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HTTP request timed out


The Apache web services module of the server health monitor sent a request to the Apache web server but didn't get an answer in time.


  • The Apache web server might not be started or it might not be reachable because of network problems.
  • The machine Apache is running on might be under heavy load, so the web server is slow to respond.
  • If your network has high latency, the request times out before the reply is getting through.

The default timeout for the requests sent is 30 seconds.


  • The Apache web server is installed as a Windows service with the service name 'NXN_alienbrain_Preview_Server'. Make sure that this service is started.
  • If the service is apparently running, but the web server is unresponsive, see if a restart of the service fixes the problem.
  • Check the load of the machine where Apache runs.
  • On a very slow network, the 30 second timeout might be too low. You can adjust the timeout interval in the healthmonitor.xml file. Please consult the user guide for the available options.

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