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Journal Thread Suspended For Too Long


The journal thread for a project was suspended due to a project backup. The warning is related to the project from which the warning originated. Other projects are not affected.


The cause is a backup that runs for a long time. The reason for this is either your network is very slow, or your database files ( files in _database folder) are very large. Sometimes this warning is an indicator of another error (See Solution).


If you have load on this project, you should see a growing count and size of journal files (*.jrn) in the database directory (_database). The number and size of journal files depends on the number of transactions committed from users after this situation occurred.

If the warning doesn't go away for some time it will change to an error. At this point the Health Monitor assumes that the backup is hung and hasn't resumed the journal activity.


Please check that the backup is still in progress. If it is, things are fine; you have probably a large project or your backup location is on the network and your network is too slow.

If this warning turns into an error, lock and unlock the project as soon as possible to disconnect all users from the project and force a reload for it (all other projects on the server are not affected). Depending on the number of journal files already existing, loading a project can take some time. Additionally, please contact the Alienbrain support team and send the server log files with the information about this error.

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