Server Health Monitor: Article Id 1808-en

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Journal thread not working or died


Every project has a journal thread responsible for integrating changes into the database transactionally.

The journal thread for a project is not responding or died. The problem exists only in the project where the errors came from. Other projects are not affected by this error.


It should never occur in regular working mode.


If you have load on this project, you should see a growing count and size of journal files (*.jrn) in the database directory (_database). The number and size of journal files depends on the number of transactions committed from users after this situation occurred.

Your project data is still consistent and safe, but the changes will not be contained in a backup from this point on because they are not integrated into the database.


You should lock and unlock the project as soon as possible to disconnect all users from the project and force a reload for it (all other projects on the server are not affected). Depending of the number of journal files already existing, loading a project can take some time.

Additionally, please contact the Alienbrain support team and send the server log files with the information about this error.

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