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Handover directory error


This error message is issued if files remain in the handover directory for too long.


An internal error occurred and as a consequence a file was left in the handover directory. This should normally never occur.


  • First you should make a backup of the file(s).
  • Secondly you should check if the files are missing on the file server. To do this you can run a consistency check with the "check master file path for every version" option enabled. Note: this operation can take a while and the server performance will go down during this time.
    • If the results indicate that one of the files found in the handover is missing on the file server, you can copy it back to the location where it should reside.
    • In case the files are not reported as missing you might need to re-import or check them in again.

Note: never delete or rename any files or folders in the _Master directory on the file server

Please monitor the system closely and contact NXN if necessary.

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