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Not receiving health monitor data from server


The health monitor service on the server does not receive any update events from the server process.


Health Monitor Data from Server module:

The message is shown, when the health monitor service is disconnected from the Alienbrain server. This usually means that the server process (NxNServer.exe) is not running anymore.

All other modules:

The message appears when the service was just started, and didn't receive any events yet. If the message re-appears later, this usually indicates that the server process (NxNServer.exe) is not running.

Since the modules don't get any information, they report an "unknown status".


Check the "Health Monitor Data from Server" module:

  • If the status is grey, no event was received since the health monitor service was started. Check if the Alienbrain server is running, and start it (using the Administration client) if not.
  • If the status is red, the connection to the server is still running, but no health monitor events are coming in. This indicates an internal error or a configuration problem. Please let us know about this. You may have to restart the Alienbrain server to solve the problem.

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