Server Health Monitor: Article Id 2205-en

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Not receiving health monitor data. The connection was lost unexpectedly.


The health monitor service on the server has a TCP/IP connection to the server process. This connection terminated without apparent reason.

Cause and Solution

Termination of the TCP/IP connection to the server process may be caused by two reasons:

Server process ended abnormally

The server process (NxNServer.exe) crashed or was killed. When the server process starts again (this will happen automatically when a user tries to access the server), the server will detect that it was not terminated normally. Please inspect the server log file to see if there is more information about the problem.

When the server process terminates abnormally, the last transaction of the server can be lost. When the server is up again please check all projects that all changes are still there.

If you have problems, please contact NXN.

TCP/IP connection to local host not possible

The connection can also be lost because of network configuration problems. Please make sure the network settings on the server machine are correct and all network connections are working.

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